At NCS, we have earned the reputation for developing strong, long-lasting business relationships. Our services and expertise have allowed our clients around the globe to place complete trust in us with their staffing needs. Our ability to continually deliver and produce results has turned our business relationships into long-lasting partnerships and friendships. Whether your company is just getting started or you are seasoned professionals, we strongly believe that when you have an urgent position that you need to fill, it is important to be able to depend upon a company to produce the proper talent with consistency in a timely fashion. We have successfully tailored our services to the needs of your demands since our inception seven years ago. We guarantee to produce consistent, quality results and services designated to meet your specific needs well into the future. Find out how NCS can make your flourishing business even more successful today for a better tomorrow.

Staffing Needs:

Technical Staffing: NCS’s Technical Staffing Department is the pulse of our success. We are focused on providing Consulting Services to both project enhancement services and onsite engineering as well as various client solutions such as onsite, offsite, and offshore. Whether you require a complete end-to-end solution or youre concentrating mainly on one phase of the application life cycle, NCS is committed in every way to guide you towards the realization for the full potential of your investment.

On-Site Staffing: We realize that businesses are the vehicles that are driven by people. Without people, the vehicle or the business simply would not go anywhere. We are dedicated to providing our consultants with the best placement opportunities so that they can further grow and flourish within your company and not only perform up to your standards, but exceed your expectations and help take your business to the next level.

Temporary Staffing: Temporary Staffing solutions are customized to meet specific client needs. The important thing to realize is that temporary or short-term projects require consultants with highly specialized skill-sets to come in and get the job done correctly and efficiently to produce quality results in a short period due to time constraints of the project(s).

Contract-To-Hire: Contract-to-hire consultants go through several interviews, have extensive reference and background checks and testing. At the end of the contract period, our clients can make the choice to hire the consultant(s) permanently. This is beneficial our clients mainly because they can put the consultant(s) to the test before bringing them on as a full-time employee.

Permanent/Direct Hire: This is where we can showcase our best talent and allow companies to fully grasp how imperative quality services from quality consultants are to big organizations.

Please take a look at our Clients Page to see what big companies have put their trust in us for all of their staffing needs from temporary, contract to permanent, and direct hire.

Software Developmental Service’s:

Software Migration And Upgrade Services: To assist you in delivering the latest versions of your critical business applications, we offer outsourcing of your software migrations for messaging, operating systems, and business applications that offer consistent solutions.

Desktop Management: Whether you are looking for a way to reduce costs, maintain data security, or ensure consistent software development, NCS can help you manage your desktop and e-mail systems, and protect them with comprehensive anti-virus solutions.

Help/Service Desk Management: To best serve your company and minimize problems that cause threats to the availability of your enterprise systems, NCS offers quality solutions to adequately implement your automated tasks and service desks. These solutions ascertain the platform you require to optimize response procedures, guarantee resource availability, and ultimately reduce service call response times for optimal efficiency.

Network Management: Network Management is considered to be a main concern addressed by our clients. NCS does not offer solutions that treat networks as separate entities. We understand the problems this method of thinking can create for all businesses, therefore, we treat networks as components of an integrated IT atmosphere. We deliver solutions that enable total enterprise network management. Our expertise gives us the opportunity to connect your enterprise resources with extensive device management capabilities from major network technology vendors in the industry.

Automated Systems Maintenance: Another example of our superior capabilities is our automated self-discovery technology that provides a model of the entire IT infrastructure, systems network, and software. This model represents the architecture for the delivery of automated systems maintenance, and enables proactive problem discovery, issue resolution, and reporting while integrating with your service desk.